For hopeless cases...

Black grease stains from your bicycle chain, nail polish, tar, shoe polish, candle wax, glue...

You won't get this out of your textile, won't you?

Why certainly!

With the Orange Oil Cleaner - the Allrounder


Wet the stained spot on the garment. Lay underneath a clean cloth. Take a second cloth, wet it and put 1 or 2 drops of Orange Oil Cleaner on it.

Now pat carefully the stain with the second cloth

Let the Orange Oil Cleaner act on the stain. Always take a new part of the second cloth for patting. So you will not rub the already solved dirt into the fabric again.

Rinse abundantly with fresh water afterwards and wash the garment in the washing mashine as ususal.

Perhaps you may have to repeat the procedure. But it will work.


Test on an inconspicious spot before use. Orange Oil Cleaner may discolour.