Why are there so many different detergents and which is the right one?

In every textile you will find a care label sawn in. The care symbols five information about the washing cycle and the right detergent. Look for the meaning of the care symbols.

A wrong detergent can fade colours or damage the fabrics.


Heavy duty detergent

contains in most cases bleaching agent. So take care with coloured textiles, they should be colour-fast. A heavy duty detergent is suitable for heavily soiled or white garments. Normally you can wash up to 95°C (200F)with it.

COLOR detergent powder

are suitable for coloured, easy-clean, permanent press garments, such as coton or synthetics or mixed fabrics. The washing temperature ranges form 30°C to 60°C (85-140F). Color detergents do not contain bleaching ingredients.

Liquid detergents

Appropriate for washing temperatures from 30° to 60°C (85-140F). For all kinds of fabrics, containing no bleaching agent.


Cleanut free from palmoil

For Delicates and gentle fibres (like blouses, lingerie, batiste...)Cold wash possible up to 60°C (140F). The special effect:
the Saponin of the Indian Soapnut makes garments soft and easy to iron - on cotton the effect is most visible. Colours are protectet and the fibres become smooth.

Delicate (wool and silk)

Very delicate fabrics, like silk or cashmere wool need a very special and soft care. Otherwise these fibres are damaged and loose their natural characteristics (e. g. temperature isolation, humidity regulation).

The Delicate detergent is suitable for all kinds of wool, silk, but also for down jackets or down sleeping bags, and sheepskins. Read the care label carefully, not all garments are made for mashine wash. Use the gentle or delicates' cycle.

Don't overdose!

Sport & Outdoor

Suitable for functional clothing, swimwear, sport garments.
Textiles with breathable membranes will be protected and keep their function. The small pores of the membrane shall not be blocked and the membrane shall not get cracked. So do not use detergents with soap or softener, both can affect the membrane.

Sport & Outdoor detergent is also a very good bad smells' killer. Whether sweat, or smells from animals, or kitchen smell in garments, the natural smell killer removes all of them already at low temperatures.