Bathroom cleaner


The Bathroom Cleaner with its natural fresh peppermint scent is a powerfull cleaner and gente to the skin. It reliably removes limescale and dirt.

The foam spray nozzle produces soft foam that sticks for longer on the surface. No spray mist is produced. A relief for sensible noses.

Umweltheld spart Plastik


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 new EU regulation CLP 1272/2008



100 ml - bottle
500 ml - foam spray nozzle bottle - ENVIRONMENTAL HEROE bottle made from 100 % recycled PET
20 l - canister



ECOGARANTIE, product certified by Certisys sprl.

Vegan Society

successfully dermatologically tested




product information sheet (PDF)

data sheet according to EG 1907/2006(PDF)

information about INCI-names of ingredients