Natural Laundry Scent Verbena

For all kind of fibres, except functional membrane-textiles.

The Laundry scent matches with all AlmaWin detergents (except Sport & Outdoor).

Gives your washing a fresh lemony scent.
All natural - with etherical oils.


   Umweltheld spart Plastik  

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750 ml - bottle


ECOGARANTIE, certified by

Vegan Society

successfully dermatologically tested


product information sheet (PDF)

data sheet according to EG 648/2004

information about INCI names of ingredients

Easy dosing:

You can dose the Natrual Laundry scent as intensely as you like:

Just put the Laundry scent with the dosing cap (= 30ml) in the softener dosing compartment of your machine.

We recommend:

1 cap - normal scent

1 1/2 caps - middle intense scent

2 caps - intense scent

For large loads, 6 - 8 Kg: your choosen intensity  + 1/2 cap

For small loads, < 4,5 kg or half loads: your choosen intensity  - 1/2 cap.