Sport & Outdoor

from 20°C - 40°C. wash with the gentle cycle

For all functional sport and outdoor textiles with functional membranes or any other breathable textiles, snythetics, or mixed fibres, as swimwear, textiles for walking and gymnastics,
micro fibres, membrane and blended fabric. Not suitable for wool and silk.

  • protects the breathability of the membrane
  • removes bad odours and odour of sweat
  • do not use together with other washing products
  • Please read and respect the care label of your laundry.


   Umweltheld spart Plastik  

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750 ml - 16 washes

new CLP EU regulation (1272/2008)


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successfully dermatologically tested


product information sheet (PDF)

data sheet according to EG 648/2004 (PDF)

information about INCI - names of ingredients

Easy dosing:

Dosing is easy if you respect the our dosing instructions on our packagings. Respect the water hardness in your area and the degree of dirtiness of your washing.

You don't need to add extra water softener. Our detergents contain already all a washing process needs.

Put the detergent in the main detergent compartment of your machine or directly into the machine drum, before putting the washing. One cap are 30 ml.

Sport & Outdoor:

water hardness lightly soiled normally soiled heavily soiled
soft  40 ml  50 ml  60 ml
midl   45 ml  55 ml  65 ml
hard  60 ml  70 ml  80 ml

You have got a machine with a large load (6 - 8 kg): + 45 ml = 1,5 caps
You have got a machine with a small load or you want to do half load (2 - 3 kg): - 15 ml = 1/2 cap.

Handwashing: 1/2 cap (= 15m) into 5 l of water.