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Providing hot meals for children

As every year, we're part of the "A hot meal for children" campaign organised by CHILDREN For a Better World & the German BASIC organic supermarket chain. Hoping to combat child poverty, we donate parts of our profits to the campaign. 

You can help, too!

Buy one of the following six products (Almawin Dishwasher Tabs, Klar Dishwasher Tabs, AlmaWin Orange Oil Cleaner, AlmaWin Liquid Detergent 1.5l, Klar Universal Detergent 1.5l and AlmaWin Dishwasher Detergent Lemongrass) at the German BASIC supermarkets between September 8th and October 5th, 2022, and we will donate parts of our profits to CHILDREN, who use the money to provide hot meals to children all over Germany. 

Yes, that's worth supporting!

Within the framework of the lunch program, children learn which foods are healthy, they get to know new dishes and tastes, help prepare them, perhaps even grow their own herbs and different even grow their own herbs and different vegetables, set the table for themselves and others, and experience table for themselves and others and experience community. Children and young people are made aware of topics relating to about healthy eating, food handling and sustainability and acquire nutritional acquire nutritional skills.

People then eat, talk and laugh together at the table. It is a place where people can about experiences at home and at school, and where the children's worries and needs can be discussed. and worries of the children can be discussed. 

In addition to healthy nutrition, this community and this togetherness are the core of the lunch program. The social behavior of the participating children and adolescents and their and adolescents and their cooking and eating culture. They are allowed and encouraged to get involved, They should have a say in the decision-making process and take responsibility for their own nutrition. In this way, the self-confident and self-determined behavior of children and young people living in who are growing up in poverty in Germany.

Helping is easy!

Simply buy the promotional products in your basic-Bio supermarket. The promotion runs from September 9th to October 5th in all German BASIC stores.