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Sowing together for more biodiversity!

AlmaWin's butterfly meadow

Because we hold an intact and diverse environment close to our hearts, we are committed to biodiversity with our insect pastures " Nutritive Pasture" and "Butterfly Pasture".

Our insects are the basis for a functioning and balanced ecosystem - which in turn is the basis for all of our continued existence. 

Intensive agricultural use and urban densification - these are just two buzzwords of our time that are leading to insect mortality and massive loss of biodiversity.

In cities, dense building development means that fewer and fewer flowering fallow areas are available. In rural areas, monocultures are practiced with intensive use of fertilizers and pesticides. The number of flowering food sources is declining, and as summer progresses, fewer plants are blooming. The food supply for our beneficial insects becomes scarce, as a consequence they are threatened with starvation and we are threatened with the irretrievable loss of pollinators, which are vital for all of us.

We have converted two large fallow areas in the immediate vicinity of our office building with a total of around 3000 square meters into insect pastures. They are sown with seed-proof organic seeds to support natural reproduction. The variety of wild herbs and flowers provide food and shelter for a wide range of insects.

We also have an "insect hotel" in our beneficial insect pasture and a bench in front of it invites you to observe.

Now we are curious to see what is happening in the pastures this year and will report on it here.

This is blooming in the pastures right now!

autumly butterfly meadow

Autumn has now also arrived at our beneficial insect and butterfly pasture and the last sunflowers have faded. In order to continue to offer a home to the many insects that enjoyed the blossoms in summer, strengthened themselves and settled there, we simply leave all faded flowers, wild herbs and grasses! After all, these not only provide great winter hiding places for various insects, but also an important food source. The seed stalks of our sunflowers also provide an important food source for birds, small mammals and insects. 

But leaving the plants standing also has tangible benefits for us humans! Since our pastures have all been planted with seed-proof seeds, we simply have to wait next spring to see what will bloom again. We are already looking forward to the colorful splendor!

That has been summer in our meadows

Here we go!

Sow your butterfly paradise!

By the way, our organic seeds are seed-proof seeds from our organic seed specialist Samen Maier in Austria.

The seed bag is enough for a butterfly paradise of about 1 - 2 square meters - with meadow sage, Malva sylvestris, sweet pea, marigold, baby's breath, celandine, red campion, carnation, whorled sage, safflower, and asters. 

Simply crumble the soil in the garden, flower pot or balcony box nice and small, sprinkle the seeds sporadically on top and cover lightly with soil, press down and water carefully and keep slightly moist. Then all we need is patience and sun. 

By the way, the bag is made of grass paper. Unlike pure paper made of wood fiber, grass paper not only saves water and energy, but also produces significantly less CO2 emissions. It is disposed of with the waste paper.

With the promotional sets, we continue to pursue the topic of resource conservation and avoidance of packaging waste:
With the new refill bags for our Bathroom Cleaner and Glass&Window Cleaner, we save over 80% plastic compared to the spray bottle. This makes them real environmental heroes.

In addition: Our glass and window cleaner was rated VERY GOOD across the board by ÖKOTEST in the April 2021 issue, making it the TEST WINNER.