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Cleans powerfully and smells great!

AlmaWin Orangeoil Cleaner

The orange cleaner from AlmaWin is a real all-rounder  and was awarded the Readers' Favourite 2022 by the organic magazine 'eve'

Extremely economical in consumption, biodegradable, dermatologically successfully tested, vegan produced and certified with Ecogarantie®, our orange oil cleaner has been an absolute hit for over 20 years. This is also shown by the repeated award as readers' favorite, which the AlmaWin Orange Oil Cleaner has received for the 6th time in a row.

AlmaWin Orange Oil Cleaner is a jack-of-all-trades and highly effective when it gets tough. Whether chewing gum, label residues, wax or glue, grease on the kitchen cupboard or bicycle chain grease, its incomparably effective formula has been a great success for years. It can be used diluted as a surface cleaner or concentrated as a stain remover. With its highly concentrated formula, one bottle is enough for a whole 100 applications as a diluted cleaning solution.

Fragrant cleanliness
Orange Oil Cleaner cleans powerfully while leaving behind a fresh orange scent. And in a completely natural way: Only natural essential oil, preferably from controlled organic cultivation, is used in all AlmaWin products. The orange scent is a clean thing and a genuine odor destroyer: Whether stable smell, cellar stale or organic waste - the orange oil cleaner copes with everything. And best of all, it also puts you in a good mood while cleaning, because it is well known that citrus scents have a mood-lifting and relaxing effect and increase your sense of well-being. A real all-rounder with the good mood factor!

Environmental heroes of the first hour
What cleans so well shouldn't make our environment dirty - that's AlmaWin's motto. In 2015, AlmaWin was the first ecological manufacturer of washing, dishwashing and cleaning products to launch two bottles made of recycled PE. In the meantime, almost the entire range of bottles has been
has been converted to 100% recycled plastic, including the PET bottle of the orange oil cleanser. By using recycled plastic, AlmaWin has been able to save over 200,000 kg of new plastic in just 4 years.

This makes him not only a cleaning hero, but also a true environmental hero!