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More recycling, less plastic waste!

Because there’s already enough plastic on our planet!
That’s why we not only make our bottles entirely from 100% recycled plastic, but also started to introduce a new highlight: bottle caps from 100% recycled plastic. That way, we don’t need any new virgin plastic.

You already find the first lids made from 100% recycled PP on our AlmaWin WC Cleaner and AlmaWin WC Gel. Our next step: making the labels from 100% recycled material to make sure every component of our container is to 100% from recycled material. This makes us, once again, pioneers when it comes to eco-friendly products and packaging.

Turn old into new!

Turn old into new!
For us, used plastic packaging – such as yoghurt containers, shampoo bottles or candy wraps – are not ‘garbage’. For us they are important raw materials. That’s why we take your old PE, PET and PP plastic garbage (yes, the one you put in the recycling bin), have it cleaned and shredded, and then molded into the shape of our bottles. That’s how we make new packaging from your old products. The best part: all our bottles and containers are 100% recyclable, which means they can be recycled again and again, so that we never have to use new plastic!  This not only saves a lot of resources and CO2 emissions, but also means that your old plastic waste is not just combusted, but instead processed into new packaging. If every company did this, thermal recycling (pure incineration of plastic waste) would be a thing of the past.

Since 2018, we have saved over 200.000 kg of new plastic by switching to recycled bottles. That's equivalent to about the weight of 250 million plastic straws or about 10 million 500 ml PET bottles for beverages.

That' s quite a lot, isn't it?


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We need your help!

We need your help so that we can keep producing our bottles from 100% waste plastic in the future!
After all, only if we properly dispose of and separate all plastic packaging, we can turn our old plastic into new one. To ensure that as much as possible is recycled, it is important that the various components of the packaging (e.g. lids, container, labels) are put separately in the recycling bin. So when you throw away your next AlmaWin bottle, remove the lid (which is made from PP) from the bottle (which is made from PET/PE) before putting it in the bin. That way, the different plastic elements can be used, and no valuable raw material is lost.