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Sustainable packaging

More and more consumers prefer environmentally friendly packaging. We at AlmaWin think that's really good!

As a study by the market and opinion research institute YouGov revealed, over 70% of consumers in Germany would like to see more sustainable packaging that generates less packaging waste, conserves resources and is recyclable. 

That puts them right in line with us. 

More recycling, less plastic waste!
We, too, are convinced that there is already enough plastic and have drawn our conclusions. Currently, the majority of our products' bottle bodies are already made of 100% PE or PET recyclate  – by 2020, all bottles will be. Recyclate is recycled plastic: For this purpose, the plastic is collected via regional collection systems, sorted, cleaned and shredded. The final product, the plastic granulate, can be used to produce new bottles. Although made from recycled plastic, these 'new' bottles are also 100% recyclable. This creates a closed-loop recycling system for plastic, which conserves valuable exhaustible resources and is an important step in the fight against climate change. We have thus already been able to save 200,000 kg of new plastic since the beginning of 2018

Less packaging, more benefits!
With the Eco-pack we are taking a different approach to sustainable packaging: the resealable stand-up pouch enables a material saving of 75% compared to the 1.5-liter bottle. In addition to AlmaWin detergent, three other detergents are now available in the plastic-saving eco-pack: AlmaWin Color, the fragrance-free Klar Color and the new Klar Universal detergent Waschnuss.

There are also now refill bags for the long-lasting sprayer bottles for glass & window cleaners and bathroom cleaners that save 80% plastic.