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Handover in sales management

After more than 20 years as Head of Sales, Ignaz Muttenhammer takes his well-deserved retirement and Bernd Rühle takes over 

Over many years, Ignaz Muttenhammer has contributed to making AlmaWin the sustainable company that it is today. Out of conviction and with great drive, Ignaz Muttenhammer was a driving force behind getting AlmaWin and KLAR products in hundreds of organic stores in Germany. 

What started with Muttenhammer's personal visits, including the AlmaWin assortment in the trunk of his car, to individual small organic stores in southern Germany has now grown into a large-scale distribution in over 35 countries.

When it comes to sustainability, we at AlmaWin go one step further, no matter whether it's finding the most environmental-friendly raw materials or the most sustainable packaging. With Ignaz Muttenhammer taking the lead, we have managed to achieve a range of over 60 products that are innovative, high-quality, gentle on the environment, and extremely skin-friendly. 

Following our motto "In harmony with nature", Bernd Rühle is taking over from Ignaz Mutternhammer and is managing the overall sales department with immediate effect.

Bernd Rühle brings with him 25 years of experience in the organic sector and most recently held the position of sales manager at Naturata AG for 8 years. He stands for open communication and a cooperative relationship with customers, sales partners and colleagues.

His aim for the next years? To put his vision below into practice: 

"As a company, we assume social responsibility. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do: sustainable business, sustainable growth and sustainable products. This included looking at the products along the complete value chain. With every single aspect that we can make more sustainable, we make a positive contribution to a future worth living in an intact environment. Partnership, a sense of responsibility and sustainability will remain firm corporate principles for AlmaWin and Klar Eco Sensitive in the future. As a Swabian doer, I am looking forward to working together as a team for a future-proof company with sustainable visions and innovative products."