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Top marks for clear view!

An A+ down the line

Our Glass & Window Cleaner has won the 04/21 Ökotest! 

AlmaWin Glass and Windows scored VERY GOOD in all categories.  

  • Test result ingredients: VERY GOOD - without microplastics
  • Test result practical test: VERY GOOD

Whether on windows or mirrors, the cleaning result and handling were given top marks. 

Our glass and window is equipped with a sprayer that can be switched from spraying to foaming with a slight twist. With the spray function, you can easily wet large areas. With the foaming function, the glass cleaner adheres better to vertical surfaces and doesn't run right off before you can even reach for the cleaning rag. In addition, foaming prevents the formation of aerosols - i.e. spray mists. This means that you can breathe in freely while cleaning. 




Refills save plastic!

Our glass and windows: a real environmental hero:

The bottle body is made of 100% recycled PET and can also be recycled again after use. While this comittment to preserving the planet impressed ÖKOTEST, we have even better news: you can now refill and reuse your bottle with our practical refill bags, which save 80% of virgin plastic. 


The glass and window cleaner not only makes mirrors, glass and windows clean  it is also suitable for removing stains on upholstered furniture or carpets: spray on a little and carefully rub away the stain with a cloth. The good thing about it: due to the high alcohol content, the upholstery or carpet dries completely and quickly.