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Packed sustainably, of course!

Refills save plastic

Our new refill bags for our Bathroom Cleaner and Glass & Window Cleaner helps you save over 80% plastic compared to the spray bottle. This is a great way to save valuable resources  – not only plastic, but also energy, emissions and water. 

But also our spray bottles are environmental heros, as they are made of 100% recyled plastic. We thus believe there's no better way to save our planet than to use recycled plastic packaging and refill bottles. 

Did you know that our Glass & Window Cleaner is not only great for the environment, but also provides great cleanliness? It was rated rated VERY GOOD by independent German ÖKOTEST magazine in April 2021, making it the best perfoming product, beating both all conventional and ecological competitors. 

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256.000 kg plastic saved!

More and more consumers prefer environmentally friendly packaging. We at AlmaWin think that's really good!

As a study by the market and opinion research institute YouGov revealed, over 70% of consumers in Germany would like to see more sustainable packaging that generates less packaging waste, conserves resources and is recyclable. This puts them right in line with us. 

Avoid and reduce - less packaging, more benefits!

With the ecopacks In addition to AlmaWin detergent, three other detergents are now available in the plastic-saving eco-pack: AlmaWin Color, the fragrance-free Klar Color and the new Klar Universal detergent Waschnuss.

Refill bags that save 80% plastic are now also available for the long-lasting sprayer bottles for glass & window cleaner and bathroom cleaner. 

More recycling

We are also convinced that there is already enough plastic and have drawn our consequences. Currently, the majority of our products' bottle bodies are already made of 100% PE or PET recyclate - by 2020, all bottles will be. Recyclate is recycled plastic: For this purpose, the plastic is collected via regional collection systems, such as the yellow bag, then sorted, cleaned and shredded. This plastic granulate can in turn be used to produce new bottles. And these used plastic bottles are also 100% recyclable. This creates a closed-loop recycling system for plastic, which conserves valuable exhaustible resources and is an important step in the fight against climate change. We have thus already been able to save 256.000 kg of new plastic since the beginning of 2018. Our used plastic bottles are clearly labeled as "environmental heroes".