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Pursuing sustainability for the past 25 years

Our relationship with nature is symbiotic: we need each other to survive. We thus firmly believe that we have to preserve and protect this complex ecosystem. Our actions today should not harm our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

As manufacturers of detergents and cleaning products, we practice our responsibility for a clean environment. This means that we save resources, use biodegradable formulas, and protect our planet with its lakes, rivers and oceans by using carefully selected plant- and mineral-based ingredients.

Although we have achieved a lot to preserve our earth, we always strive for even better solutions.



It is important to us that our products help you preserve our planet while at the same time protecting your skin with our dermatologically-tested formulas. That's why we do everything we can to combine excellent performance with the highest possible skin and environmental compatibility.

AlmaWin: Good for you, good for the environment!

This is what we stand for, in the second generation.


Rudolf Bund, Founder & Managing Director

Verena Bund