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That's how our cleanliness smells

Natural fragrances for authentic scent experiences

Detergents should not only be efficient, but also make you feel good. 

For many people, scents play an important role when choosing detergents and cleaning products: with fresh-smelling laundry, for example, they associate cleanliness. Together with good washing performance, the overall result is then experienced as positive. Fragrances can also arouse feelings and bring back  memories. Which association and mood a scent evokes varies from person to person. Consumers develop preferences for certain products through fragrances, but manufacturers can also distinguish themselves from others by perfuming their detergents and cleaning products. 

Natural fragrances give mild and gentle pampering

However, not only the fragrance of detergents and cleaning products plays an important role, but also whether the fragrance is of natural or synthetic origin. We at AlmaWin only use high-quality, natural essential oils from controlled organic cultivation for the delicately balanced fragrance compositions of its detergents and cleaning products. They do not leave any residues in nature and are gentle on your skin.

Synthetic fragrances, on the other hand, are not biodegradable or only with difficulty and can irritate the skin and respiratory tract or even cause allergies. Many people also find artificial scents too strong.