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AlmaWin protects our oceans from plastic waste

At Almawin, sustainability is not just a word, it is deeply rooted in our philosophy. Since our foundation, we have been committed to ecologically responsible cleaning and laundry detergents because we believe in a sustainable coexistence between people and nature.

One of our main concerns is the fight against plastic pollution, which is threatening our oceans. That is why we have teamed up with CleanHub to collect and recycle plastic waste in particularly endangered regions.

This commitment is an important component of our sustainability strategy, with which we aim to continuously reduce our environmental impact. In addition to plastic management, we focus on renewable raw materials, biodegradable ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. 

World Oceans Day on June 8, 2024 was the start of our commitment to fighting plastic waste.

AlmaWin has committed to recovering 2000 kg of plastic waste from the sea.

How CleanHub works

We have found a reliable partner in CleanHub. CleanHub organizes the waste collection on land, especially for plastic waste. 
The collection hubs in India, Indonesia and Cambodia intercept waste before it even reaches the environment by collecting it directly from households, rivers and as by-catch from fishermen in the sea. CleanHub is helping to set up these collection systems, giving communities access to waste management for the first time to prevent littering in the environment and open burning. Every financial contribution helps to expand the model to coastal regions around the world and creates stable and dignified jobs for local communities.

Once the waste has been collected, it is divided into different categories so that each material can be disposed of correctly. Recyclable plastics are sold to local recyclers, non-recyclable plastics are processed in the most environmentally sustainable way. All recovered plastic can be tracked via the CleanHub app.

Collection and recovery is in progress. The tracker shows how much plastic has already been recovered by the CleanHub network. This number always increases when the collected plastic has been finally processed, so please check back every few weeks.

Look here for our live report.