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For a bright you and your home

Our needs are just as different as we are. To make sure everyone gets the best, we have two brands: AlmaWin and KLAR. Dermatologically tested, ecologically certified and vegan, both brands make sure you and your home look great, without burdening our planet.

With sensual fragrances from natural essential oils

Let yourself be enchanted by the delicate scents of fruity orange, exotic lemongrass, refreshing mint and lovely lavender! Made to 100% from natural essential oils, preferably from organic cultivation, our fragrances are subtle, yet invigorating.

We bet that our lovely fragrances make your household chores a bit more fun! Try it out!

Smells lovely fresh – without fragrance

Simple is often best, also when it comes to washing and cleaning detergents.

Free from any fragrance, our KLAR products are particularly suitable for babies, people with sensitive skin or allergies, asthma and neurodermitis, as well as for everyone who want to do something good for their health!

With its over 30 different products, our ultra-sensitive KLAR range makes you and your whole home look radiant.