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Responsible dishwashing

For a clean future

In order to live up to our responsibility for a future worth living, we are taking the next big step in climate protection by making our first products CO2-compensated.

To this end, the carbon footprint of a product is calculated and offset along the entire value chain, from raw material extraction, transport of raw materials and precursor products, production through to the trading partner.

Our first CO2-compensated products

As a first step, our Almawin machine dishwashing detergent 1.250 kg, dishwasher tabs, dishwashing detergent lemongrass 500 ml, rinse aid and the dishwasher and washing machine cleaner are CO2-compensated.

With the support of our partner Fokus Zukunft GmbH, we support climate protection projects in Peru and India by purchasing emission certificates in order to compensate for the unavoidable CO² emissions of our products.

The forest protection project in Peru fights illegal deforestation of the rainforest and threats to biodiversity. Alternative and secure sources of income, from the sustainable harvest of Brazil nuts, enable small farmers to protect and conserve their forest. Regional families benefit and illegal logging becomes unattractive.  Read more: Forest protection in Peru

The goal of our commitment in India is to expand electricity generation from renewable energy sources. The electricity mix in India is mainly dominated by power plants based on thermal or fossil fuels. By promoting solar energy, dependence on fossil fuels can be reduced and natural resources conserved. Read more: Solar power in India

The wind power project in Oaxaca/Mexico promotes the development of energy generation from renewable sources. In Mexico, due to the large oil reserves, electricity is still mainly generated from fossil fuels, although areas in the isthmus are particularly well suited for exploitation of wind resources. Read more: Wind Energie Project Mexico

More info about the projects and products on our landing page at Focus-Future.

Each product also carries a QR code – through which the projects, CO2 offsets and certificates can be accessed.