For machine washing in the cycle for delicate textiles and for hand washing.

For delicate natural fibres such as wool (e.g. cashmere, alpaca), silk (wild silk, satin, crèpe de chine, georgette...), down (down jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets if they can be washed), as well as sheepskin rugs (if they can be machine washed). Please read the care label on your laundry regarding washing temperature. For temperatures of 20°C – 40°C.

Wheat proteins protect delicate natural fibres. Our delicate detergent washes gently without soap,
with a scent of lavender for pleasant freshness. Highly concentrated detergent.


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Umweltheld spart Plastik


750 ml - 50 washing cycles

new CLP EU regulation (1272/2008)


ECOGARANTIE - product cerified by


dermatologically successfully tested


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Um die Umwelt zu schonen, belade Deine Maschine möglichst voll, wähle eine niedrige Waschtemperatur und beachte die Dosieranweisungen.

Easy dosing:

Dosing is easy if you respect our dosing recommendations on the packaging.

machine wash:

1/2 cap (15 ml, approx. 1,5 soup spoon) in the delicates washing cycle.

Put the detergent into the main dosing compartment of your machine or directly into the machine drum (1 cap = 30 ml)

Only wash wool or silk in the machine if allowed. Read the care lable of your laundry carefully. Respect also the loading advices of your machine. Delicate washing cycles often tolerate only little loads.

hand washing

1/3 cap (10 ml, approx. 1 soup spoon) into 5 l water.