Tina 2

Gall soap stain remover

Traditional product against many stains of color-fast laundry.
Removes effectively a lot of stains such as fruit, fat or cacao in a natural way. Can be used
for pretreatment, too.



dosing tips

environmental tips

washing tips


Wet the stain area and rub the gall soap into the stain. Then either rinse with clear water or
put the pretreated textile immediately into the washing machine and wash as usual.
Please check the color fastness of the cloth at a discret place.


100 gr soap bar


ECOGARANTIE - product cerified by Certisys.eu

FSC certified cardboard box


product information sheet (PDF)

data sheet according to EG 648/2004 (PDF)

information about INCI names of ingredients

Dosing tip

Gall soap can be used for a pretreatment of stains.

Wet the stain and the soap bar, produce a little foam, rub into the stain. Then either put immediately the laundry with the pretreated stain into the washing machine and run a washing cycle as usual or handwash abundantly with clear water, so no marks will be left.