In 2015, the Federal Republic of Germany, with 37 kilograms of plastic waste per capita, was about six kilograms above the EU average* * Even though we in the Federal Republic of Germany are above the EU average with 49 % recycling*, this is no reason to rest on our laurels.

The AlmaWin environmental heroes are exactly in line with the EU plastics strategy:

"Improving the recyclability of products".

Right from the start, we have paid attention to 100% recyclability for all packaging (paper, cardboard and plastics) - no mixed and composite packaging, but individual pure materials. The new bottles (made of recycled PE and PET) are of course also recyclable.

"Strengthening waste separation and sorting".

If more plastic waste and packaging is fed into the recycling systems, this will also boost the recycling cycle.
Provided that packaging is properly separated and disposed of.
Only if well sorted plastic waste is available can it be recycled quickly and easily.

By 2018 Almawin had already saved 49 tonnes of new plastic by using recyclate bottles!

It's very easy with the environmental heroes:

1. our empty bottles end up in the waste sorting system via the collection systems
2. plastic granulate is obtained from them and used to produce new bottles.
3. our bottle manufacturer forms new bottles for us from it.
4. a new environmental hero is created.

This creates a closed cycle of recyclable materials, just like with paper and glass. 


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