Our history

We are producing AlmaWin washing-, cleaning and dishwashing products since 1993. At this time anybody hardly ever thought about ecological household cleaners. But we did!

By and by we enlarged our product scale and our knowledge.


Second Brand Klar

2002 we added a second brand named Klar to our portfolio. Klar an already established brand for ecological cleaning without fragrance, was the right completion. It is a very good alternative for fragrance-allergic people and for sensitive customers.



Innovation is our duty

2006 we launched the first laundry detergent based on "liquid Soapnut" under the roof of the brand Klar.
Since then soapnut extract as natural, very efficient and very skinfriendly ingredient has been applied to many products, the time being 7 products. We will go further on with it.

2011 the special laundry detergent "SPORT & OUTDOOR" is rewarded with the BSB-Innovationaward on the SEPAWA congress: First ecological detergent for functional clothing with an smell of sweat-killer.


All ecological

Since 2005 /2006 the ecological quality of our products is confirmed by the official independent certification bodies ECOGARANTIE and later additionally by ECOCERT.


A good reason for celebrating

2013 was the 20th anniversary of AlmaWin Company - We celebrated of course with new products and a lot attractive special offers for our clients.

2013 was also the first time AlmaWin and Klar products obtained the certification "GREEN BRANDS" for their sustainability and environmental respect.


The new generation

2014 we presented our new generation AlmaWin at the Biofach Fair at Nuremberg: Young, colourful and especially made "For You". New products were to be found among well known ones, e. g. the WC GEL with its natural blue power formula.

Once again our products achieved the GREEN BRANDS certification, this time for the Austrian market.


Together we are strong

Since the month of May 2014 AlmaWin is member of the "Bundesverband Naturkost und Naturwaren (BNN). BNN is an organisation formed by producers, trading companies, and shop owners of the ecological and organic market in Germany. The aim is to establish reliable standards in order to ensure real organic and ecological quality to the customer.

We are proud of being part of it.

Really sustainable!

This is our motto for the year 2015. We launched a world first PE bottle made out of more than 95 % recycled plastics. This is a novelty: hardly no new raw material is needed to produce this bottle and it can be returned to the recycling circle after use and become a new bottle again.

So piles of plastic waste will not be increased and everyone can help by returning its plastic waste to the recolletion system.

This innovation was one of reasons for a very good revalidation for the GREEN BRANDS certification, we achieved it for our products in 2015/2016 and the award was given to us on the Biofach Fair 2015.