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AlmaWin products have MORE INSIDE. For your well-being, for your ecological action and for unbeatable results.


Our new product design makes it easy for you to see what's in it for you.

For your Well-Being

Our skin is sensitive and comes into contact with a wide range of substances every day, including cleaning agents and detergents, which affect your skin.

Every product that comes into contact with your skin is dermatologically tested for your safety and well-being.

To protect your skin, we select our natural ingredients with care and deliberately avoid synthetic fragrances, colourants, preservatives, chlorine, phosphates and genetic engineering. 


Our products are free from microplastics, phosphates and other ingredients that pollute the groundwater, which makes our products exceptionally environmentally friendly. 


Our packaging consists of recycled materials, FSC-certified cardboard and alternative packaging, such as grass cardboard.


Most of our products are concentrates, so you only need a small amount each time you use them. This saves packaging and energy, and reduces carbon emissions as well as your costs.

For unbeatable results

Our ultimate goal is for our products to be effective, environmentally friendly and gentle to your skin, for unbeatable cleaning results with zero compromises on sustainability.

Family business

Experience and expertise - made in Germany

We have been committed to the development and production of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents for over 30 years. To us, sustainability means that our day-to-day actions are guided by a respect for nature and the environment. We do all we can to preserve resources, protect regeneration processes and constantly innovate to come up with better and better solutions. After all, what we do today has to be good for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.  

As a second-generation medium-sized family business, we have close ties with our region. A sense of tradition and innovative strength go hand in hand here, enabling us to create sustainable, environmentally friendly products for the future, so you can do your part to build a better world every day.